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Sofmen Inc.Quality Engineering and Assurance

Sofmen’s Quality Engineering is the process of delivering a product that meets or exceeds our customer’s specifications. Key components include accuracy, reliability and maintainability. Our Quality engineering process includes conformance to customer specifications and consistent management/inspections of the process in order to guarantee quality. We use a process wherein customers or users are given quick and easy communication mechanisms to provide feedback. Sofmen measures and assesses our application development to ensure Quality.

Sofmen deploys QA teams who develop a plan, conduct testing, enable improvements and control management.

Sofmen’s teams have worked on a variety of projects which have included a QA element. Usually the process starts with reviewing existing systems and analyzing the data which leads to test plans. Test suites are then developed which could include full regression analysis. Our QA process includes a planning and design phase where we will help customers design their own QA plan to understand and analyze a given product.

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